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The Documentation Playground

This is a place to toss around ideas, write up simple recipes and create drafts of things that may eventually go into the official documentation.

If you add something here, please be sure to specify which TurboGears version you're using at the top of the document. Wikis can get stale very easily.

Don't forget to read the TurbogearsFaq first.

In preparation for the 0.9 release, documentation will be migrating from here to svn. Documents with (migrate) after them will be moving.

Installation and Deployment Tips

Operating System Specific Considerations

Some operating systems don't work well with TurboGears at first. Share your experiences!

Database Specific Considerations

Beyond the 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial

More Tutorials


Simple Recipes

These should probably get merged into main document sections.

  • SimpleDelete : A simple example for deleting a record from the database.
  • SelectingOption : how to set one OPTION as "selected"
  • CheckedCheckBox : how to set a checkbox/radio button as "checked"
  • SockFile : how to setup db access using a socket file
  • WidgetlessForm : a sample form of all the input elements without widgets
  • ViewsInSqlObject : An easy way to get a View into your
  • RedirectHttpsRequests: Allow your application to redirect https urls properly.
  • RouteByHttpMethod: Automatically route requests based on the HTTP method type.
  • SQLObjectAutoUpdateField: Automatically update a field when other fields are modified.

UI Design Patterns

Path Recipes

Widget documentation

Other Template Systems (0.9 and higher)

Other References

  • SqlobjectCaching : some information about how SQLObject does its caching
  •  KidGotchas : don't fall for these (and note that < can be written as &lt;)

Development Ideas