This recipe uses TurboGears SVN Revision 458 and SQLObject 0.7. TurboGears includes a controller, turbogears.fastdata.DateController that takes an SQLObject class as an argument and produces a CRUD interface. This recipe produces a select form element when it encounters a foreign key of a class with the form_option_value defined. Included is the model and controllers you will need with code to create and populate the database tables. You'll need to define your database info in dev.cfg. Otherwise, it's batteries included. I'm looking forward to making SQLObject and Turbogears work together and this is a good start. {{{ #!python # from turbogears.fastdata import formmaker from turbogears.database import PackageHub from turbogears import widgets from sqlobject import * from sqlobject.col import SOKeyCol hub = PackageHub("wiki20") __connection__ = hub @formmaker.column_widget.when("isinstance(column, SOKeyCol)") def column_widget_fk_col(column): parms = formmaker.column_parms(column) fk_class_name = column.foreignKey fk_class = classregistry.findClass(fk_class_name) fk_class_data = if hasattr(fk_class, 'form_option_value'): options = [[, rset.form_option_value] for rset in fk_class_data] return_widget = widgets.SelectField(validator=None, options=options, **parms) else: return_widget = widgets.TextField(validator=None, **parms) # For some reason, if I don't do this, I get stuck in a transaction. hub.commit() return return_widget class Item(SQLObject): name = StringCol(length=200) def _get_form_option_value(self): # This lets turbogears know what to use for the option element value. # Could this also be used to populate the DataGrid? return class Sale(SQLObject): item = ForeignKey('Item', title='Item') quantity = IntCol(default=1) def setUpTables(): # Create and populate the tables. hub.begin() Sale.dropTable(ifExists=True, cascade=True) Item.dropTable(ifExists=True, cascade=True) hub.commit() Item.createTable(ifNotExists=True) Sale.createTable(ifNotExists=True) items = Item(name='Deoderant') Item(name='Shoes') Item(name='Milk') Item(name='Golf Balls') hub.commit() setUpTables() }}} {{{ #!python # import turbogears from turbogears import controllers from turbogears.fastdata import DataController from model import Sale, Item # Just for ease of use. index_html=""" Items
Sales """ class Root(controllers.Root): sales = DataController(Sale) items = DataController(Item) @turbogears.expose() def index(self): return index_html }}}