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20 minute wiki

Goal of this page: Consolidate all materials (presentations, PDF, ...) used to present TurboGears. Feel free to copy/paste the following template and fill-in as much as you can ;-). Thanks

  • Title: <presentation title>
  • Author: <your name>
  • Date: <when the presentation has been written>
  • Subject: <only 1 line of text describing the content of the presentation>
  • Link(s): <list of links to your presentation files (.sxi, .pdf, .zip, .tgz, ..., .ppt)>

  • Title: The 20 minute Wiki
  • Author:  Kevin Dangoor
  • Date: 18/09/2005
  • Subject: The goal of this tutorial is to give an overview of putting together an application with TurboGears.
  • Link(s):  details,  movie