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  • QuickStart

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    3131      <p> 
    3232        Your journey into the land of easy web application 
    33         creation has started. You can use TurboGears to create 
    34         all kind of web content, especially  
    35         <abbr title="Asynchronous JavaScript and XML">AJAX</abbr> 
    36         powered applications, providing real-time interactive content 
    37         to your users. 
     33        creation has begun. Take the following steps to dive right in: 
    3834      </p> 
    3935      <div id="getting_started"> 
    40         <h2>Getting started</h2> 
    4237        <p>To get started with developing your new TurboGears 
    4641            <h3>Design your model</h3> 
    4742            <p> 
    48               Start developing immediately with the pre-configured SQLite 
    49               database, if you have SQLite installed, or edit  
    50               <span class="code">dev.cfg</span> to use 
    51               a different database.<br /> 
    53               Note that TurboGears support several 
    54               different database backends, including mySQL, PostgreSQL 
    55               and SQLite, but you need to have the backend installed. 
     43               Develop your model in the <span class="code">model.py</span> file. 
     44               If SQLite is installed, your database is already set up but you can edit  
     45              <span class="code">dev.cfg</span> to use a different backend. 
    5646              </p> 
    5747            <ul class="links"> 
    6656              Edit <span class="code"> 
    6757              <em>project-path/</em>controllers.py</span> and build your 
    68               website structure with Python objects. 
     58              website structure with the simplicity of Python objects. 
    6959            </p> 
    7060            <p> 
    7868            <h3>Create your views</h3> 
    7969            <p> 
    80               While the model defines your data, and the controllers 
    81               process them, the view displays it. You can find your 
     70              Create your views with html-like templates. Place the 
    8271              templates in the <span class="code"><em>project-path/</em> 
    8472              templates</span> folder. 
    8573            </p> 
    8674            <p> 
    87               You will probably also need to provide static content. 
    88               Javascript, <abbr title="Cascading Style Sheets">CSS</abbr> 
    89               and images should be located in the <span class="code"> 
     75              Static content, such as Javascript/CSS/Images, 
     76              should be located in the <span class="code"> 
    9077                <em>project-path/</em>static</span> folder. 
    9178            </p> 
    118105            <p> 
     107            <p> 
     108             If you create something cool, consider contributing back to the 
     109             community. If you're unable to contribute, feel free to  
     110             <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/turbogears">drop us a line</a>  
     111             anyways. TurboGears is an open source project whose vitality comes  
     112             from developers like you.  
     113            </p> 
    120115        </ol> 
    122117        <div class="notice"> 
    123118          Note that TurboGears will automatically reload itself when you