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Your TurboGears application is up and running
since Sun Jun 25 11:34:10 2006.

Learn more

Learn more about TurboGears and take part in its development

Are you ready to gear up?

Your journey into the land of rapid web application development has started. Take the following steps to dive right in:

Getting started

  1. Create your model

Start development immediately with the pre-configured SQLite database,

or edit the dev.cfg file to use a different database.

Create your model in or use  Toolbox for a nice GUI.

if you are not sure, install pysqlite module by $ easy_install pysqlite
  1. Build your controllers

Edit "project-path/" and  build your website structure with Python objects.

  1. Design your view

Edit your templates in the "project-path/templates" folder.

Place Static content (css, javascript and images) in the "project-path/static"


    Change the master.kid template to have the headers and footers for your application.
    Change welcome.kid (this template) or create a new one to display your data
  1. And more...

There are many cool things you can do to take your application to the next level. such as easy AJAX with  Mochikit and  JSON, or take advantage of  widgets,  identity,  scheduler,  testing and more.

Good luck making your killer app!

If you create something cool, consider  contributing back to the community.

TurboGears is an open source project whose vitality comes from users and developers like you.

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TurboGears is a open source front-to-back web development framework written in Python

Copyright © 2006 Kevin Dangoor