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Your TurboGears application is now running.

Are you ready to gear up?

Your journey into the land of easy web application creation has started. You can use TurboGears to create all kind of web content, especially AJAX powered applications, providing real-time interactive content to your users.

Getting started

To get started with developing your new TurboGears application, you need to do following:

  1. Design your model

    Start developing immediately with the pre-configured SQLite database, if you have SQLite installed, or edit dev.cfg to use a different database.
    Note that TurboGears support several different database backends, including mySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, but you need to have the backend installed.

  2. Build your controllers

    Edit project-path/ and build your website structure with Python objects.

  3. Create your views

    While the model defines your data, and the controllers process them, the view displays it. You can find your templates in the project-path/ templates folder.

    You will probably also need to provide static content. Javascript, CSS and images should be located in the project-path/static folder.

  4. And more…

    There are many other cool things you can do with TurboGears – AJAX, Widgets, the Identity framework and unit tests. You can run tg-admin toolbox to try our interactive TurboGears toolbox with model designer, i18n administration and other goodies.

    Please check out our documentation if you want to learn more…

Note that TurboGears will automatically reload itself when you modify your project, so all you need to do after saving your files is reloading the page in your browser.