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Disclaimer: This is a temporany mockup of the TurboGears FAQ made with the rst processor

TurboGears FAQ

The goal of this page, is to consolidate all answers collected via the TG mailinglist, simple mails, ... or any findings you think relevant for other TG users.

Try to be as consise as possible and use, as much as possible, links (to mailing list, this wiki, ...).


3   CatWalk Model Browser

3.1   What is it?

CatWalk is a single page (buzzword compliant) Ajax application build on top of TurboGears.

With it you can easily interact with your application model and manage your data. Think of it as phpMyAdmin or pgAdmin at the ORM level instead of the RDBMS. It is database agnostic, all it's information is pulled out of SQLObject - not from the underlying data store.

See also: CatWalk Homepage

3.2   How can I run CatWalk?

Instructions are on the wiki. See: CatWalk

5   Other


7   Kid