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On 11/2/05, Jaime Wyant <> wrote:
> <!--
>      I want to `set' the selection based on the character.ascended expression.
>     This just seems clunky.
> -->
> <select py:if="$character.ascended" name="ascended">
>     <option  value="True" selected="selected">True</option>
>     <option value="False">False</option>
> </select>
> <select py:if="not $character.ascended" name="ascended">
>     <option  value="True">True</option>
>     <option value="False" selected="selected">False</option>
> </select>

Yes, that would be painful to have to do that everywhere... There was
another thread on this recently, which shows that we need to add some
documentation about this.

<select name="ascended">
   <option  value="True"
   <option value="False" py:attrs="selected=std.selector(not