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describe SystemInstall here

Installation on Specific Systems

Someone may want to create DebianInstall, FedoraInstall?, once someone has added something other than Debian.


Debian Packaging

Ian Bicking noted that there is a python tool for creating Debian packages:

Debian and Ubuntu

They are *not* binary compatible. Mark Shuttleworth clarified this in something which was posted to Slashdot sometime in the last couple of weeks. Ubuntu is built fresh from Debian Unstable *source* every 6 months by picking a snapshot, fixing bugs and running q/a on the CD images. Bugs fixed are pushed back upstream.

The stuff below should work for Ubuntu ... but they may already be on python2.4 ...

Debian Sarge: Non-root installs

Here $ is your prompt.

  1. Make sure you are a member of the 'staff' group. This group

has permission to write in the '/usr/local' tree. Debian packages set up some empty directories in this tree with the correct permissions so that non-root installs of supplementary modules etc can be done.

The 'id' program will show you what groups you are already a member of. If your username is 'me' and your uid is 1001 then the output of 'id' will appear as shown and you need to list all the present additional groups as well as 'staff' when running 'usermod'. If 'staff' is already listed then you can skip this step.

$ id 
uid=1001(me) gid=1001(mygroup) groups=24(cdrom),29(audio),1001(mygroup)
$ sudo usermod -G 24,29,staff me

You need to log out and in again for this to take effect.

  1. Install python2.4-dev. [example: Debian provides methods other than sudo ...]
sudo apt-get install python2.4-dev
  1. Create a pydistutils.cfg file in your home directory. [or use vi/emacs/...]
$ cat > ~/.pydistutils.cfg << EOF
install_lib = /usr/local/lib/python$py_version_short/site-packages

  1. Run from the Turbogears download page.
$ python2.4 -f \
> \
>  --script-dir /usr/local/bin TurboGears