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Plan for TG2 App Testing Documentation & Examples

  • Add test examples used on AppTesting doc page to quickstart app templates
    • Need to use an app with identity to get a model to test against, but the test code should degrade gracefully for an app without identity (ticket:1977)
    • Examples:
      • controller units tests
        • check dict returned by controller is in response.namespace
      • controller functional tests
        • check for expected html in response.body
        • follow login requests through redirects
      • model units tests:
        • check structure of model objects
        • check operation of model object methods
      • widget units tests
        • check that widget objects have expected attributes
        • this only scratches the surface of tests that might be done on widgets
    • Need to add a login form, etc. to quickstart identity app in order to implement a number of the above examples