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Ticket Keywords

The purpose of Ticket Keywords are to flag tickets so they are visible in custom reports. This makes it easier to get tickets seen to in a timely manner.

All official keywords for this purpose are prefixed with "tg|" to prevent clashes with standard keywords.

Keyword descriptions

  • tg|dev-feedback - This ticket requires feedback from a developer
  • tg|2nd-opinion - This ticket needs a second opinion from any other member of the community
  • tg|needs-patch - This ticket urgently needs a patch to fix the bug
  • tg|has-patch - This ticket has a patch and it should be tested before being assigned a tg|commit keyword
  • tg|commit - This ticket is a commit candidate - This should only be assigned once a patch has been tested thouroughly

To Do: A set of custom reports should be set up to bring up the tickets by their tg|<keyword>