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04/21/06 12:10:47 (13 years ago)
Richard Leigh

Connecting to toolbox remotely


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    2121Tools are regular TurboGears applications. 
     23== Connecting to the toolbox from other machines == 
     25Though as the manual says, you can access the server remotely on port 7654 by running {{{ tg-admin toolbox -n -c your.home.ip.here }}}, I found that didn't work at all for accessing Catwalk, which *still* insisted I connect from localhost. The previous syntax was also somewhat irritating to me, since I'm on a DHCP connection that often changes IP address and had to keep looking it up. 
     27The workaround I found was to just start up the toolbox as normal, (with  
     29{{{ tg-admin toolbox -n & }}} 
     31to stop it opening a browser and then let me keep typing). Then, use [http://www.dest-unreach.org/socat/ socat] to set up a simple tunnel: 
     33{{{ socat TCP4-LISTEN:9999,fork,reuseaddr TCP4:localhost:7654 }}} 
     35I can now connect to http://my.server:9999/ and use the toolbox. I had originally planned to use stunnel, but some of the AJAX components weren't designed to go over https, so plain unencrypted http will have to do. Note, of course, that anyone who connects to your server on port 9999 can now use the toolbox, so you probably don't want to leave socat running after you're done.