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TurboGears google group FAQ

As TurboGears is in the active development, most activity take place in the  TurboGears google group.

Let's collect most useful articles from this group here - to create unformal FAQ, codify knowledge, and help further generations in finding relevant information.

The idea is to gradually move best stuff from google group to DocumentationPlayground and later to the offical doc.


  • How to start using widgets -  link
  • Widget status as of Feb-6  link
  • Cleanded up widget API  link

Potential installation problems

  • cElementTree 1.0.5 for Windows requires compiler  link


  • Unicodifying tutorial  link
  • Declaring MySQL database to use 'utf-8' from SQLObject  link
  • Defining UnicodeString validator


  • Why attaching permissions directly to the users is not that good  link


  • Python IDE - what are the programs / IDEs for editing python code that TurboGears group members use  link