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The goal of this page, is to consolidate all answers collected via the TG mailinglist, simple mails, ... or any findings you think relevant for other TG users.

Try to be as consise as possible and use, as much as possible, links (to mailing list, this wiki, ...).


1. TurboGears

1.1. Quickstart

1.2. Identity

  • Howto use Identity: wiki

1.3. CatWalk

  • Howto start with Catwalk: wiki

1.4. deployment

  • Deploying your TG application with an Egg and Easy Install: wiki

1.5. Feed

  • Howto add a feed: wiki

1.6. other

2. FormEncode

3. SQLObject

  • Howto delete a record: wiki

4. Kid

  • create a complex template structure with header, footer, left column and right column:  mailinglist
  • Create check boxes with default value: Turbogears offer you a specific command for that called "checker": wiki
  • Howto add your own Template variable:  Turbogears documentation
  • Howto add your own Template function:  mailing list

5. CherryPy?