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The information on this page is obsolete, incomplete or incorrect and left here only for reference and has not been ported to the new documentation wiki.

Please refer to the TurboGears documentation wiki for up-to-date documentation.

There is also a new (more traditional) TurboGears FAQ document.

The goal of this page, is to consolidate all answers collected via the TG mailinglist, simple mails, ... or any findings you think relevant for other TG users.

Try to be as concise as possible and use, as much as possible, links (to mailing list, this wiki, ...).


1 TurboGears

1.1 Installation

1.1.1 Installing stable version

1.1.2 Following SVN

  • How to contribute to TurboGears development  doc BROKEN - The command to use code from a local svn is "python develop --script-dir=/usr/local/bin"

1.1.3 Solving potential installation problems

  • cElementTree 1.0.5 for Windows requires compiler  link

1.2 TurboGears Tools

1.2.1 Quickstart

  • Howto extend quickstart with PasteScript. See: wiki

1.2.2 CatWalk

  • Howto use Catwalk. See: wiki

1.2.3 Model Designer

  • Howto use Model Designer, see: link

1.2.4 Deployment

  • Deploying your TG application with an Egg and Easy Install. See: wiki
  • Deploy Turbogears as a windows service. See: wiki
  • Deploying Turbogears 0.8 with mod_python. See: wiki
  • Deploying Turbogears 0.9-prerelease (SVN) with mod_python. See: wiki

1.3 Identity

  • Howto use Identity. See: wiki
  • How to extend default identity model  group
  • Identity sample app. Download  here (tgz)
  • Why attaching permissions directly to the users is not that good  link

1.4 Internationalization

  • Internationalization. See: wiki,  group
  • Unicodifying tutorial  link
  • Declaring MySQL database to use 'utf-8' from SQLObject  link

1.5 Widgets

1.5.1 Usage

1.5.2 Examples

1.6 FastData

1.6.1 Usage

  • When I display a ForeignKey in a FastData grid, I get something like "< Class ... >". How do I make this more readable? See: wiki

1.7 Other

  • Extend wiki20 with File upload. See: wiki
  • Using Socket file to connect to your MySQL DB. See: wiki

2 TurboGears components

2.1 FormEncode

2.2 SQLObject

  • Howto delete a record. See: wiki
  • Howto manage SQLObject caching possibilities (disable it, interaction with transactions, ...). See: wiki
  • Howto handle Foreign Key relationships. See: wiki
  • Why do I get "syntax error" messages when I try to create my table? See: wiki
  • How to use your model outside your TurboGears application (for example, in an initialization script). See: [wiki UsingModelsOutsideTurboGears wiki]

2.3 Kid

  • Create a complex template structure with header, footer, left column and right column. See:  group
  • Create check boxes / Radio buttons with default value: Turbogears offer you two specific commands for that called checker and selector
  • Howto add your own Template variable. See:  doc
  • Howto add your own Template function. See:  group
  • Dealing with undefined values in Kid. See:  group
  • Kid & HTML Entities. See:  group wiki
  • Extending templates and overriding values. See:  group
  • XML comments: See:  Kid ticket
  • Serving large XML files efficiently  group

2.4 CherryPy

  • Managing 404 errors: use _cpOnError filter. See:  group
  • Working with Sessions. See:  CP doc
  • Configuring database backend for sessions:  link
  • Caching techniques. See: wiki
  • Serving static files (e.g. HTML files, images, CSS, Javascript etc.), see:  doc

2.5 JSON

  • Howto make a grid with JSON, details  here

3 TurboGears Environment