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The TurboGears Trac

 TurboGears is a rapid web development megaframework that helps with everything from the front end to the back end. It incorporates  MochiKit (Javascript library),  Kid for templates,  CherryPy as the web controller framework, and  SQLObject for the database-backed model objects.

This Trac exists for handling bug and feature tracking. If you want to report a problem or request a new feature, please get a trac account and make sure that you set your name and email address under Settings once you are logged in, otherwise trac might reject your submission as spam.

The TurboGears documentation wiki is located at

All documents in the wiki of this Trac are deprecated (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

If you are looking for documentation, please go to the TurboGears documentation wiki instead.

TurboGears Resources

See also  TurboGears Resources.