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Companies able to host your TurboGears app (best customer service, $6.95/mo, 10Gb space, 250Gb transfer, ssh access, free domain) (TurboGearsOnDreamHost) (cheapest VPS I've seen - $7/mo - RH-based) (It's a VPS so you can do whatever you want)

 unixshell# a virtual private server recommended by many another virtual private server company Use your own checkout of Turbogears SVN or use the system-wide install - we'll help We support turbogears on our advanced plans either through your own lighttpd or CherryPy? instance starting at $11/month.

 High Speed Rails - Managed Open Source Hosting can help you as you develop your Turbogears sites with root access and unlimited hands-on support starting at $28 per month.

Regarding shared hosting Swaroop answered the following to the list

How can it be installed if I have only have shared webhosting?

You can create a virtual python ( ) and then install TurboGears, and get started on your projects. Of course, this assumes that python is installed on that server.