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Hi everyone this has come up a couple of times so I wanted to make a note for future generations :)

About tutorials

if you ever write a tutorial please keep this in mind, Currently both the todolist and turbotunes present this problem #481

The error

Please note this is very inaccurate, and is a db backend exception so it will be very diferent on each one


you may get something like this

Using database URI sqlite:///c|/databases/ordermanager_dev.db Exception exceptions.AttributeError?: "'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'releaseConnection'" in <bound method Transaction.del of <sqlobject.dbconnection.Transaction object at 0x0127EFF0>> ignored


or someting more cryptic like this psycopg.ProgrammingError?: ERROR: relation "artist" does not exist


this seems to not affect mysql

The solution

so far this seems to be the better way the solution is to make a soClasses as described in #279 please note the last comments about the alphabetical order!

although some people have reports on this not working.

additional info

Tickets on the subject

also related

Since this comes up from the tutorial - there is a bug in the quickstart templates that breaks

Upgrade to the latest svn to fix, or say yes to the permissions question in the quickstart and add integrate the extra classes into the tutorial and your soClasses line, like so:

soClasses = ('Group', 'Item', 'List',  'Permission', 'User', 'Zuser')